Youth opportunities

Here are some of the issues that local leaders have expressed as areas of need for our young people.

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Children need youth opportunities and clubs to grow and learn. There also seems to be very limited council children and youth provision compared with places like Bracknell.

The area around the army estates parks we noticed were very shoddy for example.

In places like London I am told that knife crime, drugs, desperation and despair have increased since the positive effects of youth clubs and youth opportunities have decreased and, we are in danger of this spilling over to our towns.

We need a fast and effective system to protect our young people, ensure engagement with their communities, ensure better prospects, ensure everyone knows they have an important role to play in contributing to an effective & harmonious society.

Nathaniel Oseni

A former Manchester City youth team player, Nathaniel Oseni, talked to me about his upbringing in London and how he and his friends found that the, since closed down, youth clubs and their caring but strict staff (no room for outsourcing here) helped create a place where young people could hang out together and do positive things. It became the binding force that drew them all away from gang culture, drugs and violence. He went on to pay for Man City and other clubs but his playing career was cut short by injury. He would love to help young people but, a lack of government funding prevents him and other from doing so.

So what are the solutions?

  • We need more youth club funding
  • We must strengthening the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services
  • We must offer stable alternative schooling
  • We should consider more community engagement possibly through paid mandatory community/national service

This is what you have said.

Now let’s work together, in parliament, to get these important issues address and hold government accountable to you and me.

Tell me what you think.

Accountably yours,


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