Transport for all

Funded, strategic, regional transport systems are vital not just for our ease of life and prosperity but, also, to reduce congestion and pollution, to increase productivity and well being and, to achieve our Climate Emergency obligations and to enable UK biodiversity to pull back from the brink of extinction pressures.

Commuting and getting around take up so much of our time, cause stress, which can keep us homebound and prevent us visiting friends and family.

We all want to be able to move around to work and play easily, quickly, at low cost and, at convenient times of the day and night.

To make the ideal happen, the government should be pushed to fund and mandate local authorities to work together in existing Local Enterprise Partnerships to create;

  • Transport and route networks that allow us to move around the region with ease, conveniently, at all times of the day and at low cost and move away from cars
  • Keep costs low through funding and precepts
  • Incorporate no/low carbon solutions
  • Manage land use strategically within a developing regional biodiversity strategy to conserve and build habitat and green infrastructure for UK species.
  • Ensure that such strategies and solutions are part of the local planning regulations

Have we missed anything here?

Do you agree?

Accountably yours,


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