My commitment to us

I am going to represent you and the needs of our communities in government.

To do this I will meet with you and local people and listen. I will celebrate with you, party with you and mourne with you; how else can I truly know our needs.

To get the full range of issues that we need government to take notice of, I will also meet with leaders across all walks of life.

To be able to represent you fully, I will;

  • Attend local events and champion local causes. I will do life with you.
  • I will tell you what’s going on and let you influence our vote in parliament
  • Work with your Council’s to create an annual local champions awars
  • Hold Quarterly surgeries around constituency and, one near you once every two years
  • Hold Annual meetings with
    • Your councillors
    • Your council
    • Parish & Town Councils
    • Schools
    • Health Services
    • Local businesses
    • And others
  • Hold a regular Windsor Hackathon to collaborate on producing solutions to local needs
  • Meet with other MPs and civil servants to put our case across
  • Produce an Annual newsletter and Christmas Card
  • I will give local young people a chance to Intern in Parliament and, employ local people to help with my administration using part of my salary

Let’s move onward and upward together.

Accountably yours,