Local Issues

I have been visiting, talking and listening to you and the issues that are important to you. And more importantly looked for for solutions that the government must put in place to help us, you, sort out these issues.

I have listened to residents, resident groups, local (climate, biodiversity and plastic free) groups, faith leaders, your local parish and town councils and councillors, RBWM councillors, climate & bioscientists, professors, doctors, head teachers, educationalists, CEO & VPs, accountants and corporate treasurers, leaders of SMEs, other experts, regional and national government departments and legislators, to name but a few…

On these pages I set out what you collectively need to get done to improve our quality of life and also save our planet for our children, grandchildren and descendents.

Feel free to contact me.

Let’s work together to make our area, and country, excellent.

Accountably yours,