The green belt is vital to our future and well being. That is, “Absolutely necessary; essential”, “Indispensable to the continuance of life”, “Full of energy; lively” (Oxford English Dictionary)

It is legally defined and, with the positive effect it has on Climate Change and also helps absorb pollution. It improves mental well being and prevents the gross creeping of our towns and cities into each other. It also has a key role to play in strategies to stop the rapid decline of species in our area and the UK.

Do we need to build much needed houses on the Greenbelt?

According to Campaign for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE), the answer is “NO!”

  • CPRE research shows there are enough derelict (brownfield) sites available and suitable for building at least a million new homes.
  • England’s major house builders are sitting on huge areas of land with planning permission which could provide over 280,000 new homes.
  • Long-term empty houses could provide homes for an additional 300,000 families.

And Greenbelt and land use are also vital to avoid the mass extinction of species in the UK; according to the RSPB State of Nature Report 2016, 50% of known UK species are under threat, in part due to habitat loss and damaging (badly designed) developments i.e. poor planning laws.

Here’s what you have said we should do;

  • We need and demand an immediate review of planning regulations to immediately stop development on Green Belt pending an urgent review
  • The revised national planning legislation should rebase the “presumption in favour of sustainable development” in favour of meeting our climate emergency commitments as well as promoting habitat creation and , the utilisation of not greenbelt sites first – land use policy will be “vital”
  • Legislation and Inspectors and Judges must permit refusal on the grounds of the loss of carbon sequestration, loss of habitat and green corridors, loss of a pollution mitigator and, loss of a valuable mental health.
  • The Government should immediately review and change the Objectively Assessed Need calculation which imposes draconian new housing targets and, rebase it to reflect, amongst other things, our climate emergency, loss of biodiversity species and, mental health and well being issues for people

If elected, I will campaign for the preservation of our greenbelt and the strengthening of planning legislation to protect residents, help meet our climate emergency obligations and find ways of providing some much needed housing for young people and key workers – see Affordable Housing section.

Accountably yours,


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