Giving YOU a direct say in parliament

Our parliamentary system is locked in the 17th Century when ordinary people, like you and I, had neither the vote nor education. And often, it feels like are still treated that way.

By voting for me, together, we can bring democracy into the 21st Century and use existing Crowd Policy and Open Democracy platforms to allow you to connect directly to me.

Open democracy and Crowd Policy technology has been in use around the world for many years in areas including Indonesia, Germany & Greece.

So, why is the mother of democracy still stuck unnecessarily in 17th Century thinking?

With a Climate Change Emergency, do we have time to waste on another four to five years of Parliamentary fiddling whilst our world burns?

No. We don’t. So, let’s change this at this election.

I believe in you; in the thousands of amazing people, young and old, in the Constituency whom I have met, who have great passion, ideas, sills and tenacity.

I trust in our collective intelligence so, I will give you a direct say in how I vote in parliament using solutions that have existed for more than 5 years.

Here’s what we will do together:

  • I will tell you what’s going on
  • I will give you for and against on an issue
  • I will try and persuade you to my point of view and campaign thus
  • However, if 2/3* of you want me to vote differently, I will vote as you ask

And, using Crowd Policy and open democracy technology, we can go further and we can collaborate together on local and other issues that need a national solution.

We could create a Windsor Hackathon to facilitate that mutual trust and collaboration to find solutions for our communities and country.

Let’s start now.

Here are four ready made solutions to implement for us to talk, collaborate; Let’s decide together on votes in parliament!


  1. © Crowd Policy
  2. * Subject to statistically acceptable number and sample of residents voting