This is what residents and Councillors reported to me are the flooding issues that need addressing for areas such as Datchet, Colnbrook, Poyle and even Eton, Eton Wick and Windsor

Remember, if elected, I will work with you and your councillors to get improvements for you. See “My commitment to us” and, “Giving you a direct say in parliament”

Climate change is making our weather more extreme with flooding set to become increasingly regular and worse.

The issues are not helped by the lack of drainage and poorly maintained drainage insfrastructure.

To improve the situation locally, we need to;

  • Force EA to assess, dredge and maintain all ditches and rivers to improve water flow and prevent build up of water and so reduce the effects and possibility of flooding in your area
  • Create minimum standards and penalties for local authorities who do not enfore the rules and regulations or do so ineffectively
  • Ensure the River Thames Scheme (i.e. Datchet to Teddington) goes ahead facilitated and supported by Government
  • Permitted development should not be allowed on flood planes but, subject to a requirement for a planning application.

Have we missed anything? Please tell me.

Accountably yours,


Image © Ewan Larcombe

Colnbrook, Poyle, Datchet, Horton, Old Windsor, Windsor, Wraysbury