Fair Cost Housing & Poverty

Remember, these are all issues raised by local residents, your councillors, professionals and volunteer workers, faith leaders etc. who see issues that need addressing locally.

Fair cost housing – (truly “Affordable Housing”)

The current government talk about affordable housing but, what they mean  is a 20% discount. This raises two fatal flaws for local people and key workers;

  1. 80% off a £500,000 house is £400,000 and, this is still an unachievably high price even for new GPs to afford
  2. If the 20% discount is given to a new owner, the next owner can non benefit so, the house becomes instantly unaffordable again, lost to the town so only one family benefits.

The result of this policy is that we have no affordable homes for our young families, key workers or the homeless which results in;

  • Greater pressures on over crowded homes.
  • Young families moving far away so, unable to take advantage of family support and free childcare
  • The break up community networks who deal with much of the cars work, where the government doesn’t)
  • Intolerable lives and commutes for our key workers or an inability to attract key workers for vital local services – even GPs can’t afford to live in the communities they care for

I will work with local residents, councillors and councils to create solutions and push government to implement these, which might include;

  • Government to release resources, land and low cost funding to help Councils build houses for social rent. 
  • We should make available the housing for
    • Key workers
    • Offering the houses to those with a long term residence in the area
    • Offering the houses to the disadvantaged
  • We have to expand the category of key workers to ensure that it covers, amongst other people, emergency services, medical staff, teachers, many civil servants.
  • We must ensure housing is available for future generations should only offer renting and remove the right to buy

This will result in many benefits; communities will be strengthened allowing better quality of life and an increased ability to help locally; a reduced threat to professionals and other key workers and so better provision of local services including GPs.

Food banks and poverty

Food banks are proliferating with reports of uncontrollable debt due to high energy tariffs.

In addition to fair cost and social housing, we should;

  • Ensure that fuel is provided at affordable rates and,
  • Work with accountants and IFAs to provide financial education and practical training to people whether young or old e.g. who knows how to budget, or manage debt, or how much insurance they should have, or how to invest or, how pensions work

This will lead to a more financial literate society better able to take wise decisions, yet have fun.

Tell me what you think and, how I can support you.

Accountably yours,


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