It feels like recent governments don’t actually care about children.

Local head teacher

You and I care deeply about our children. We want the very best for our children and young people after all, we cherish them. We need to prepare them for life and give them the skills they need to thrive in the world and create a better world.

Head Teachers & teachers from state schools, tutors, educators and public school representatives have all expressed to me their concern for the well being and future of our young people.

Here’s what they said and asked me to represent to you, and if you elect me, to government;

The issues:

Our curriculum and student attainment ranks a lowly 21 on the global PISA rankings (2015) based on the quality of and attainment within maths and science curriculums, which seriously harms job prospects and the well being of our young people and, hampers the UK from powering forward in all areas of life, whether business and economic, the arts, sciences and, even sports;

  • The demands on schools, teachers and school leaders are unbearable, and completely out of tune with other countries and high performing educational systems. 
  • There is a lack of trust of teachers and schools and low morale
  • There is an over-prescription on curriculum and examinations, and constant change. 
  • Ofsted is still terrifying for most school teachers
  • DfE are providing no steer or vision for education in the UK.
  • Young people are suffering from increasing levels of mental health issues with unhappiness, self harming and suicide rates increasing
  • Pupils with SEN, their parents and their schools struggle due to a lack of resourcing and funding in councils
  •  The standards for youthful, school age attainment will be set in Asia. 
  • Young people are entering life without the basis life skills such as healthy cooking, financial skills, authority management skills or knowing how to change their town through democratic process.

One head teacher said to me, “It feels like recent governments don’t actually care about children.

Here are the potential solutions, that you have suggested, to help our young people directly and through the education system;

  • More investment in the long term future of the country through an appropriate and meaningful educational system that helps the country with better productivity, helps the children into employment and happiness, and eradicates some of the disaffection and marginalisation of certain groups. 
  • The per pupil funding needs to radically increase
  • Money needs to be invested into school buildings and infrastructure ( and not expensive pet projects and white elephants too numerous over the years to mention).
  • They need to disconnect education from politics – it’s too important to be a political toy for a government who is only in office for four years.  Other countries have more democratic models of determining educational systems, or more regional ones, and something needs to change to avoid the constant tinkering and battering of the education system.
  • Ofsted needs a huge overhaul, and become more owned by educationalists and much more about development and about improvement. Successful schools are successful despite Ofsted and despite political change – it’s the teachers and the leaders and the parents that make the difference.
  • Put more resources into CAHMS, who can diagnose and intervene more effectively, to enable young people to be seen quickly
  • They need to invest hugely in teacher training both in a pecuniary dimension, but also in terms of status and authority within society, in order to make it a worthwhile and lifelong prospect for talented young graduates.
  • There is a completely unrealistic expectation that schools should be responsible for just about all the educating. They can do a good amount of the heavy lifting, but the onus is on parents to bring up their children with discipline and to ensure that they use their time to develop their intellect, power of application and Initiative. More help and funds need to be directed at parents to do this. 
  • Financial education programmes like ones developed by A Star Accounting should be funded to made available free to help people young and old budget, recognise and overcome thought gremlins, to save and invest, to understand tax and tax allowances and, to plan for their future dreams. This programme exists..Now.

We are all agreed that we must walk with our young people and set them up for success.

Tell me what you think.

Accountably yours,


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