Business issues

I have spoken to local CEOs, VPs and leaders of SME.

Here are some of their concerns and solutions which need to be addressed by our MP and government;

  • Small businesses collectively employ nearly half of UK workforce. Their health and vitality is important to us all. Setting up a small business is easy enough but running it and making it work is hugely challenging. But the world of work is changing, many younger people, mums, redundant people, etc set up their own business. These people have a lot of value to share, but need to win work to establish and sustain their businesses. Government contracts would enable small business owners to invest in, grow and sustain their businesses – and employ more staff; One piece of work can literally make or break a small business; Government should make it easier for small businesses to tender for work.
  • High rental costs and unscrupulous landlords forcing businesses to cease and, preventing development of new businesses. We should consider legislation to allow termination of uneconomic leases for unviable businesses; Landlords to offer large discounts or to the local community where premises are un-let for more than 3 months
  • Business rates values should be revised down to reflect the downturn in the market.
  • Labours announcement about free fibre broadband for all sounds great but it will decimate the networks focused partner community. How will IT partners make any money from selling lines? Service providers like Virgin, TTB will die. This cannot be good for industry. How does it affect 5G and satellite? Why use those when fibre is free?”
  • Brexit is a concern. I am still concerned about how the UK is going to sort out data privacy as a separate nation. Our vPoP strategy, particularly for the likes of Esso are going to be more complex. Quite likely we will not be able to run UK entities fro EU vPoP and vice versa.

On a personal note, if elected, I will give local young people a chance to Intern in Parliament and, employ local people to help with my administration using part of my salary

This list will be updated.

Accountably yours,


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