I am standing to force to the forefront issues that seem to be ignored by our MPs but, which need to be addresses with passion;

  • Climate change and its devastating effects on life on earth and biodiversity
  • Local issues which need national solutions, which residents care about such as fair cost housing, loss of greenbelt, flooding etc.

We face a climate change crisis of existential proportions which we must address quickly, efficiently and methodically. We need to address these issues both globally and locally and achieve net carbon zero status by 2030. Radical action is needed but, little is being achieved by our dithering parliament.

Government need to act on two levels to help us all playing a part;

  1. Deal with issues they have direct responsibility for; making only green electricity; moving people to a greener healthier diet; dealing with their own building
  2. More local level to involve and provide solutions and tools to 60m people, their towns, councils, employers and community groups

I have been instrumental in helping to establish Plastic Free Windsor and, working with scientists, legislators and experts, have created funded opportunities for RBWM to develop a deeper and more meaningful Climate Change and Biodiversity strategy so, I can facilitate change for you.

I have taken time to listen to local people, YOU; residents; businesses; resident associations; local groups; community leaders; faith leaders; councilors; councils; scientists and other experts;

This is what you are concerned about; issues which need raising now before any future MP forgets;

These are all important issues which, with your support and collaboration and input, I will take up at a parliamentary and government level to achieve solutions to help you and our planet.

The key to this all will be listening to you and fighting together.

So, how am I going to engage with you and involve you? I will,

  • Listen to you and your leaders; surgeries; meetings; assemblies; and hackathons
  • Give you a direct say in how I vote in parliament – yes, you can help decide my vote in parliament.

We need radical action, radical change and, radical leadership from a person who cares about people

Now is the time to get this right.

A WIN:WIN scenario for you and our planet

Vote for me and tell others to vote for me en masse then, if I get elected, we can fight forward together for profound changes and, if I don’t you will have clearly stated to our MP what you want to see done and, how you he should fight for us.

Click on the drop down menu to find out more about me, my background and, what my commitment to you will be and, how I will give you a direct say in votes in parliament, if you elect me; it’s not rocket science and, should have been done by MPs decades ago.

Photo by Nghia Le on Unsplash