Young People Living Their Best Lives

Young people are the most precious gifts in our lives. As adults, we have the honour and duty to help them excel in life and equip them to face the future boldly and happily and, to pass the baton on to them with pride.

Former Man City Footballer turning his focus on helping young people

I will set out my pledges but, before I do, let me tell you about a friend of mine, actually my personal tormentor (trainer), former Man City Youth and U18 player, Nathaniel Oseni

Nathaniel, talked to me about his upbringing in London and how he and his friends found that the, since closed down, youth clubs and their caring but strict staff (no room for outsourcing here) helped create a place where young people could hang out together and do positive things.

It became the binding force that drew them all away from gang culture, drugs and violence.

He went on to pay for Man City and other clubs but his playing career was cut short by injury.

He would love to help young people but, a lack of government funding prevents him and other from doing so.

Here are some of the solutions local teachers (who really do care about you), tutors and educationalists asked me to stand up for;

  • We need more youth club funding
  • We must strengthening the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services
  • We must offer stable alternative schooling
  • We should consider more community engagement possibly through paid mandatory community/national service

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Back to the YMCA’s campaign #LivingTheirBestLives

YMCA #LivingTheirBestLives

I agree, and will work with local groups to achieve better for our young people, that;

  • All young people must have the opportunity to be a global citizen
  • All young people must be able to access good quality youth services
  • All young people must have a home and the chance to live independently
  • All young people deserve a stable income and enough money to put food on the table
  • All young people deserve to thrive at work and earn a decent wage
  • All young people should have the best start in life
  • All young people must be entitled to good physical and mental health 

Click here to read the YMCA’s 2019 manifesto entitled, #LivingTheirBestLives

Will you join me in supporting our precious young people by sharing my posts and voting for me?

Accountably yours,


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