Whats the BIG ISSUE this election and, the point of no return?

the point of no return is no longer over the horizon. It is sight and hurtling towards us.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres speaking at the Climate Change Conference in Madrid 2 December 2019

Our survival; the survival of millions of species; the survival of our cities and communities; the survival of our food networks; the future of our children and young people.

The startling but happy news is that together, as a nation, and led by a good government, we can achieve one of the key targets of net-zero carbon status by 2030 using technologies and solutions already developed.

We can also achieve a two other key objectives, to reverse the extinction of our biodiversity in the UK and, to clean up our act on plastic usage and pollution.

It won’t be easy but, if you read the ideas on the article at you will see that together we can.  

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres also said today that, “what is lacking is political will”

So, does the government have the stomach or the desire to put planet and people first?

Let’s not take a risk. Vote for me and together we let’s hold the party politicians to account and push for the radical change needed.

Here’s what I think the government must do quickly;

  1. Replace all dirty electricity production with renewables such as solar, geothermal, hydro, tidal, wind and others
  2. Use and facilitate smart technology to match supply and demand and so reduce wasted eletricity
  3. Help the country reduce its buildings energy demand by introducing planning & other legislation stipulating that all new developments must be carbon neutral or negative and, helping us reduce our energy bills by improving our homes
  4. Planning and investing in carbon zero, integrated transport solutions for our country to reducing how much we travel, and changing how we travel but whilst also our ability to get around where needed
  5. Changing how land is used switching including the development of green infrastructure to help species flourish and will offer a healthier mix of food
  6. Help the country move to a more balanced healthier diet will so “We can double UK forest area and restore 50% of UK peatlands.”
  7. Create National Centres of Excellence to develop best practice and advise and inform residents, businesses, local government and national government what to do and how to do it, in cost effective ways.
  8. Invest in data gathering and analysis of ALL UK SPECIES so we know where and when and what species to help and, sponsor Citizen Science for us all to participate in
  9. Ban the use of plastics that local authorities can’t recycle effectively and force retailers and supermarket to spot using them immediately

We can and must push government to help the entire country become carbon neutral, biodiversity friendly and, plastic free by 2030.

And together, people, businesses, scientists, and even politicians, together we can.

Vote for me to hold the government to account and together let’s save our planet.

Click here to read in full some of the proposals I have developed with scientists from the University of Reading, Centre for Alternative Technology, Plastic Free groups and others. The page is entitled, Climate Crisis.

Find out more about my promises to you at;

Accountably yours,


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