Introducing Myself

I have lived in Windsor for 10 years since marrying local midwife, Carole. Together we have five much loved children and one adorable grandson  and, two pooches, Archie (age 18) and Lola (age 12).

In addition to Archie and Lola, we are also bee keepers with our three hives currently overwintering. As they say, the trouble with bees is they don’t read the manuals. It’s a hobby we are passionate about which also gives us an insight into ecology and mankind’s reliance on and need of life in its fullness.

Carole and I are both Councillors in Windsor and, I sit on two planning panels, the pension fund panel, the Infrastructure panel and, RBWM’s Climate Change (Emergency) Panel.

Indeed on the climate change panel, collaborating with scientists at the University of Reading, Natural England and Defra, I have created three opportunities to help make RBWM’s strategy incredibly effective.

Carole and I have both been active members of the West Windsor Residents Association, which has been serving residents in West Windsor for more than 50 years.

My background is that, I grew up locally in Slough and attended Slough Grammar School before studying Biochemistry at the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne; I was fascinated by DNA and genetics.

I also bring with me the skills and expertise from being involved in a number of careers including teaching science at Upton Grammar School (QTS), in accountancy practice (FCCA) and, corporate finance for a CAC40 company (AMCT).

I currently run an accountancy practice in Windsor and collaborate with another local firm.

I am well placed to understand your needs and have the track record of standing up for people despite opposition, often from those in authority, on issues like alleged local asbestos contamination, health and noise issues from aircraft overflights, gambling addiction and betting shops, climate emergency, plastic free etc…

Please consider voting for me and sharing my campaign with your neighbours, friends and family.

Thank you for reading this far 🙂

Accountably yours,


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